1000 Gifts

I cannot begin to express what a peaceful and yes, joyful morning I have had drinking tea and reading the first few chapters of  One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskkamp. I began my own eucharisteo (thanksgiving) journal today. I feel as though I am starting my day from an entirely different place–the place of here and now–and I am feeling full and content and at peace.

Is this something you long for? I certainly know that I have for so very long. I feel that I have given thanks for the big things in my life: Jesus’ gift of salvation, my marriage, my daughter, our health,…but in the midst of these big things, the little, every day blessings get swallowed up. Swallowed up by lack of time, bitterness, discontent, greed, anger, loneliness, gluttony, fear, jealousy….I forget to see the miracle of the gift of smell (which I don’t have on a regular basis), the sound of rain on the windows, the realization that I can sleep in my warm, soft bed for a few more minutes, the exuberance of my dogs when I walk through the door.

I will be updating my list as a post on a weekly basis. Below is a partial list.

I pray that you will take this quiet journey with me as we dig into the idea of eucharisteo: grace, thanksgiving, joy.



1. English Breakfast tea

3 .Earthy smell of my favorite candle

5. Sounds of teenager getting ready for school in the morning-the stomping and dropping and slamming-while I lie silently in bed encouraging her independence

6. Teenager’s growing independence manifested in preparing her own breakfast and unprompted three-hour  study sessions followed by a moment of hunkering down and resting into my side as if she is regenerating–drawing strength and courage from me for her next step into adulthood.

7. Words. Words flowing from somewhere deep inside of me–not my mind but my heart, my soul. Words that feel right, that satisfy, that flow onto the page not pushed but leaking out.

8. Sleepy, early morning telephone conversations with husband away from home.

9. Teenager’s long, sleek hair with each stroke of the brush a love letter to her from  me

10. Grandmother humming as she works

12. Laughing with friends

13. Godson’s crushing blue eyes the color of Robin’s eggs

14. Boston Children’s Hospital

15. Medical professionals

16. Medical innovation and technology

17. Healthy hearts

19. Goofy springers

21. Firm, plump, juicy blueberries surrounded by milk in a nest of granola

22. Early morning sounds of the world waking up

23. The sound  of husband’s car as it pulls up to our home after days away

24. Cat stretched out behind my neck on top of chair

25. Allergy medicine

photo (27)

28. Dogs concentrating on bones

29. The moment in an argument when the teenager’s heart begins to open and she reveals to me the hard thing, the secret feeling that she had buried deep within.

30. When this dark thing loses its power over us because we bring it into the light and share the weight of it with another.

31. Footsteps above announcing that the day has begun

35. Friends praying faithfully for people you love that they do not know

37. Hot water

38. Birthdays

39. Hot water heaters that do not leak

41. Connecting with old friends

42. Sweet daughter using her creativity to make me a precious birthday gift

45. The acrid smell of pluff mud

46. Seagulls cawing


47. Storm clouds gathering

48. Color popping against the darkening sky

photo (26)

49. Springtime with its chartreuse marsh grass

50. Boat trails in water

Rain on windshield

51. Raindrops heavy and full

Jack Rogers

52. Painted toenails in Jack Rogers

53. Blanketed by sleeping puppies

54. Teenager cleaning up after herself without being told

55. Dog-tired dog eyes

56. Surprising love words followed by long, lanky, teenage arms encircling

57. Wanting to share something I love with someone I love

58. Swirling, leaping, barking invitation to play from girl springer

59. Funny words from a friend in a text

60. Heart-filled lattes

60. Heart-filled lattes


61. Windows down hair whipping around face

62. Fiddler crabs skating across pluff mud surface

63. Click of sandals on peer’s wooden planks

64. Long, loitering walks with child-now-teenager exploring

65. Criss-crossed straps edged in rick-rack against sun-licked, peach-fuzzed back of toddler

67. Brush of sun across cheeks

68. Brothers reuniting

68. Brothers reuniting

photo (19)

70. Hearts for George

Ashley Hall

71. Live oaks, lawns,…100+ years of educating girls

Communion of saints

72. The communion of saints praying, “Therefore we praise you, joining our voices with Angels and Archangels and with all the company of heaven, who for ever sing this hymn to proclaim the glory of your Name…”

photo (25)

73. Sunday mornings greeting friends and strangers

photo (24)

74. Lowcountry landscapes

photo (22)

75. Trawlers resting

77. Clean refrigerator

sun piercing clouds

79. Sun piercing clouds

80. Sun-baking with teenager

81. Conversation unfolding effortlessly

82. Fears, dreams, questions whispered and shared-the carrying now done by two.

84. Release of clutched, white-knuckled hands

85. Palms opening, reaching up accepting

87. Hard-packed, barren heart softening with even only a trickle of the Living Water

promise of renewal

88. Promise of renewal

89. Night-time air filled with the bullfrogs’ ballads


90. Tomatoes ripening on kitchen counter

girls' night

91. Girls’ night in

fully open

92. The splendor of being fully open to His plans and His timing

Mike and George

93. Fully all there


94. Milky white magnolias

girl and her dog

95. A girl and her dog

marry ur best friend

96. Marrying my best friend

being surprised

97. Being surprised after 24 years



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