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My list of one thousand gifts


1. English Breakfast tea

2. Being able smell again

3 .Earthy smell of my favorite candle

4. Slow mornings

5. Sounds of teenager getting ready for school in the morning-the stomping and dropping and slamming-while I lie silently in bed encouraging her independence

6. Teenager’s growing independence manifested in preparing her own breakfast and unprompted three-hour  study sessions followed by a moment of hunkering down and resting into my side as if she is regenerating–drawing strength and courage from me for her next step into adulthood.

7. Words. Words flowing from somewhere deep inside of me–not my mind but my heart, my soul. Words that feel right, that satisfy, that flow onto the page not pushed but leaking out.

8. Sleepy, early morning telephone conversations with husband away from home.

9. Teenager’s long, sleek hair with each stroke of the brush a love letter to her from  me

10. Grandmother humming as she works

11. Girl springer trying to get other dogs and cat to play

12. Laughing with friends

13. Godson’s crushing blue eyes the color of Robin’s eggs

14. Boston Children’s Hospital

15. Medical professionals

16. Medical innovation and technology

17. Healthy hearts

18. Quiet mornings

19. Goofy springers

20. Chocolate bear dogs

21. Firm, plump, juicy blueberries surrounded by milk in a nest of granola

22. Early morning sounds of the world waking up

23. The sound  of husband’s car as it pulls up to our home after day’s away

24. Cat stretched out behind my neck on top of chair

25. Allergy medicine

26. Cat waiting expectantly for the last few drops of milk from my morning cereal

27. Girl spaniel tricking other dogs to go outside so she can claim me as her own

Dogs concentrating on bones

28. Dogs concentrating on bones

29. The moment in an argument when the teenager’s heart begins to open and she reveals to me the hard thing, the secret feeling that she had buried deep within.

30. When this dark thing loses it’s power over us because we bring it into the light and share the weight of it with another.

31. Footsteps above announcing that the day has begun

32. The filling up of bed space when he lies asleep beside me

33.The surprised smile i feel when I utter an unmanipulated, split-second cleverness

34. The parade of bones

35. Friends praying faithfully for people you love that they do not know

36. Husband being here to do the hard stuff

37. Hot water

38. Birthdays

39. Hot water heaters that do not leak

40. Having the option of not going into the office today

41. Connecting with old friends

42. Sweet daughter using her creativity to make me a precious birthday gift

43. Getting the call from husband that he has finally reached his far-off destination safely

44. Planning meals with teenager

45. The acrid smell of pluff mud

46. Seagulls cawing

47. Storm clouds gathering

48. Color popping against the darkening sky

49. Springtime with its chartreuse marsh grass

50. Boat trails in water

Rain on windshield

51. Raindrops heavy and full

Jack Rogers

52. Painted toenails in Jack Rogers

53. Blanketed by sleeping puppies

54. Teenager cleaning up after herself without being told

55. Dog-tired dog eyes

56. Surprising love words followed by long, lanky, teenage arms encircling

57. Wanting to share something I love with someone I love

58. Swirling, leaping, barking invitation to play from girl springer

59. Funny words from a friend in a text

60. Heart-filled lattes

60. Heart-filled lattes


61. Windows down hair whipping around face


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