Lunch with the Lord

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#51 Raindrops heavy and full

My eyes are open, searching, hunting….I’m a visual person so I’m used to looking. The change is that I’m not just looking now but acknowledging, documenting, breathing, slowing down.

As I continue to read Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I feel myself being transported to another place. Not one that is completely unfamiliar but one that I have not visited often and certainly not in a long time.

This is the place of raindrops dancing along windshields, fireflies, freshly bathed girls in cotton nightgowns in hammocks under the stars, stealthily plucking ripe strawberries from a neighbor’s garden, hands plunging into stream water to catch tadpoles, faces gazing through ice etched windows breathing hot breath on glass…exploring, pushing, holding, seeing, wondering, being.

I miss this place. This place of noticing. This place of slowing down. This place of the here and the…

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